My Story

When I lived in India…

Born & raised in South India, Arundhati never really grew up doing yoga. In fact, she was 25 years old when she walked into her first yoga class in Bangalore, India. Before starting yoga, Arundhati was a professional Bollywood dancer & choreographer working with the Shiamak Davar dance company.
Having always been passionate about fitness, dance and movement in general, Arundhati knew that her days in the dance company were numbered. Numerous injuries and an extremely unhealthy work environment forced to her look for her next step. At this point, she had worked a marketing day job for 2 years, tried to study for an MBA, and looked at all sorts of careers. But none of them resonated with her.

One day, she overheard a dance colleague talk about yoga. Next thing she knew, she had signed up for a yoga teacher training without having really done much or any yoga! But if you ask, Aru she’ll say, “I just knew it was right for me.” Fast forwarding a little, Arundhati aced her yoga teacher trainings. She went on to train with many other yoga masters in India and in a short span had explored various styles, teachers and even started teaching yoga.

Moving to the US...

Shortly after Arundhati started teaching yoga, she moved to Seattle, US with her husband. This was late 2012. At first Arundhati tried to find a yoga studio to call home. But she was disappointed as nothing seemed authentic enough and she went on to create her own yoga classes.

That’s how Aham Yoga (her local yoga studio) was born. It started with a few classes here and after. Eventually evolved into a full service yoga studio. Today, it’s one of the leading local yoga studios. Arundhati also runs a part time Bollywood studio, BollyWorks
I just knew it was right for me.

The Podcast?

Arundhati is a self-confessed podcast junkie. Secretly, she was dreamt of launching a yoga podcast that addressed important aspects of modern yoga from an Indian yoga teacher perspective. She wanted to highlight – keeping yoga authentic, cultural appropriation, practicing yoga in business and so much more. More importantly, she wanted to lead the way for other Indian yoga teachers to step up and be taken seriously. That’s how the Let’s Talk Yoga podcast was born.

When not podcasting

Arundhati can be found leading yoga teacher trainings & group yoga classes at Aham Yoga, Seattle. She also guest lectures at other yoga teacher trainings, likes to blog, writes for Yoga International, runs her BollyWorks dance studio and championing representation in the yoga world.

Follow her on Instagram to see – her sweet dog Munch and join in on day to day conversations about yoga!

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