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#106: The Missing Context of the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Prasad Rangnekar

In popular yoga, there is so much confusion because of surface-level information. Here in America, it seems like many yoga teachers think that yoga is a linear step-by-step process. People are trying to template it which results in many people walking away from their practice of yoga thinking that yoga doesn't seem to work for […]

#105: Pranayama Masterclass & Last Chance to Enroll

On the podcast today, we're doing one final deep dive into pranayama. I'm repurposing an older episode that we published last year. Where I take you through a pranayama masterclass. Essentially, this is you actually sit down and practicing virtual pranayama through the medium of this podcast with me. The episode begins with me giving […]

#104: How Much Pranayama Do You Really Need?

How much pranayama do you really need? Is there something like too much pranayama in our practice? These are just some of the questions I'll be getting into in today's conversation. Many yoga teachers and students think that pranayama is a boring or dull thing that we have to do in yoga. Unfortunately, this kind […]

#103: Where Does Pranayama Really Begin? Answer revealed...

Where does pranayama actually begin in your yoga journey? Have you ever wondered? I'm in this season right before my annual Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training begins. Every year when this training comes around, I make it a point to spend an immersive month on the podcast talking about pranayama and bringing up different aspects of […]

#102: Want to Teach Pranayama After Teaching Asana? Listen Up!

How do you know you are ready to do a deep dive into pranayama study? When do you know you are ready to teach pranayama? And why is it even necessary to ask these two questions in the first place? This is crucial if you are someone who is invested in a long-term steady practice […]

#101: The Art of Instructing Yoga with Christina Sell

I know many yoga teachers today struggle with instructing yoga. You might often find it challenging to put what we feel into a rational, coherent sentence that makes us relatable to help our students engage in the learning process of the aspects of yoga. If yoga teachers could spend some time mastering not only instructions […]

#100: What is Advanced Yoga According to You

It's episode 100 & we're asking an important question. What is advanced yoga? As we celebrate this mini-milestone that we’ve hit together, we’re doing something slightly different for this episode. I've invited five previous repeat guests to share with us what advanced yoga means to each one of them. This serves as an entryway to […]

#99: What You Should Know, Learn, and Teach As A Yoga Teacher

I'm unpacking three questions I get asked a lot about from yoga teachers, either through social media or inside the Mindful Yoga Teachers Club. My goal is to add or bring clarity and confidence to what many yoga teachers are probably already doing. I'm going to address what you should know, learn, and teach as […]

#98: The Vagus Nerve In Yoga with Mel Singh

Have you come across the vagus nerve in yoga? To be honest, I've heard of this in passing for many years. But started paying attention to it only recently. In fact, many yoga teachers could use some clarity, myself included. In this episode, we explore all about the vagus nerve in yoga and the polyvagal […]

#97: What No One Told You About Hands-on Adjustments in Yoga

Hands-on adjustments have been used on and off throughout many decades in yoga by yoga teachers all over the world. But so much has been going on in the world in recent years that it has definitely impacted how we show up as yoga teachers. Particularly due to the pandemic, many yoga teachers and students […]


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