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#121: Balancing the Roles of Being a Yoga Teacher and Student with Prasad Rangnekar

A lot of yoga and asana teachers are struggling to maintain that delicate balance between being lifelong students while also navigating the commercial yoga world. Because of this, many yoga teachers go through impostor syndrome and FoMO (Fear of Missing Out). I consider this matter a genuine problem that needs to be addressed. In fact, […]

#120: Must Know Sanskrit Concepts for Yoga Teachers with Vikram Jeet Singh

Yoga teachers often experience the "impostor syndrome" where they ask themselves, "Am I good enough? I want to practice deeper yoga but I don't know where to go." I strongly believe that understanding Sanskrit concepts would help ground yoga teachers regarding this matter as these concepts help us enhance our understanding of yoga, and more […]

#119: How to Enhance Your Yoga Class Right to Indicate Deeper Yoga

I recently did a workshop entitled "10 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Class Right Away," and a lot of you have signed up for it. But I've actually been receiving requests from those who were not able to sign up ahead of time if they can get access to the replay. Unfortunately, I'm not able […]

#118: Contextualizing Ahimsa In Yoga and Making it Relatable in Yoga Classes

In this episode, I want to take a deep dive into what Ahimsa really means. Having a clear context about the term itself will enable us to understand it more effortlessly. This topic is very important because it is a life principle and a practice of refraining from causing harm to all living beings. This […]

#117: You Asked – We Answered. Complimenting Students & Asana Alignment, Is It Important

I recently had a segment in my new bite-size newsletter where I asked people to drop any questions that they might have. Interestingly, I received some really important questions and I thought that I should do a short episode to answer two of them. I highly encourage everyone to go ahead and subscribe to our […]

#116: The Spine and Yoga with Kaya Mindlin

The spine and its relationship with yoga go beyond what many people realize. In this episode, we will delve into the traditional view of the spine in yoga and explore fascinating stories and traditions related to it. Our returning guest, Kaya Mindlin, will guide us through the intricacies of the subtle body, also known as […]

#115: Bringing Clarity to the Chakras Like Never Before with Indu Arora

Chakras are a very important topic in yoga yet so much knowledge about it is oversimplified. I've been actually thinking about doing an episode all about it and it just so happened that one of our favorite guests, Indu Arora, posted on her Instagram something about chakras which I found very interesting. So I thought […]

#114: The Link Between Yoga and Ayurveda – Simplified with Nidhi Pandya

One of the topics I've been keen to do on this podcast was about the Iink between yoga and ayurveda from a very practical standpoint for asana teachers in modern yoga. Fortunately, I recently came across the Instagram account of our guest today, Nidhi Pandya, who has generational ayurvedic wisdom from her grandfather who was […]

#113: Is Your Yoga Evolving For Optimal Woman's health?

As part of celebrating International Women's Month (as I call it), I'm going to talk about a subject that I'm deeply passionate about, women's health. You might notice that most of the time in modern popular vinyasa studios, the yoga or asana practice is the same for all ages, whether you're 21 years old or […]

#112: Tell Your Yoga Students This Right Away

I know a lot of you are teaching Asana as part of your yoga teaching journey and many of you have been practicing Asana for a very long time. And being a teacher of Asana for a long time myself I've always wondered why some students stick to yoga while others don’t. So I started […]


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