Episode: 125

10 Truths About Studying Yoga

If you have been following this podcast, you know I get really nerdy about how teachers are created in modern yoga. In today’s day and age, people are going after speed learning everything, and instant gratification. This more often than not causes more harm than good, especially in the yoga industry. It is important to know that learning yoga takes time and effort.

I believe that if we really want to raise the bar for yoga education, we have to take a very good look at the standard of education for yoga teachers who gets to call themselves yoga teacher. In fact, that’s the crux of what I’ve been doing for many years, this podcast being one of the results of that.

What I want to share with you in today’s episode is 10 truths about studying yoga that are not often spoken about. These truths will help us build a steady and clear foundation for years and decades to come. These are in no particular order.

I hope you find this episode enriching and very helpful!

Episode Highlights:

  • You cannot learn all of yoga
  • Time is an integral factor in learning yoga
  • How prepared is the participant?
  • Sometimes, you will have more questions than answers
  • Remember that yoga is not from the West
  • You need to expand your mind beyond the poses
  • Don’t become a victim of cherry-picking and put on blinders
  • Have faith
  • There will be moments of struggle
  • You’re going to learn yoga only once

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