Episode: 84

How to Find a “Good” Yoga Teacher & Responsibility of a Yoga Student Teaching Yoga…

Some of the previous episodes of this podcast, I’ve spoken about how important it is to find the right teacher when you want to start your path in yoga. This stage of crucial decision-making can either make or break your yoga journey. But in the world we live in today, how easy is it to find a good yoga teacher? Someone who really makes a difference in our lives by imparting to us their priceless knowledge and wisdom in yoga? How do we distinguish fraud from authentic ones? It can be difficult but there are ways to find exactly who you need, to begin your yoga journey.

In our episode for today, I talk about the things that you must consider doing before finding and choosing a “good” yoga teacher. I must say though that there is not a single “perfect” yoga teacher. It’s really a matter of finding the perfect fit for you. It requires you to assess their credibility as well as your intentions and expectations from the practice. You may also benefit from looking back on your history in yoga and enumerating the things you have already learned, and recognizing what is yet to be learned. Enjoy as you listen to our episode for today.

A “Good” Yoga Teacher Episode Highlights:

  • Things to consider before finding a yoga teacher
    • Look at your current and past yoga education. Who have been your teachers and what kind of yoga exposure have you had?
    • Ask yourself where you are in your evolution as a yoga student
    • How much time have you given yourself to absorb and assimilate what you have learned until now?
  • Ways to find “good” yoga teachers on the internet
    • Ask a yoga teacher you trust for recommendations
    • Learn to distinguish between popular social media yoga teachers/influencers versus teachers who have deep knowledge.
    • Don’t fall for titles and/or credentials
  • How to be a better yoga student?
    • Cultivate a reverence for the practice, the lineages, and the teachers who share this timeless wisdom
    • Build yourself up to study yoga
    • Find the teacher with whom you resonate.

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