Episode: 95

Yoga & Menstruation – What you should know right now

Yoga and menstruation & women’s health in general is a subject I’ve been passionate about ever since I can remember. In fact, I have taught it for many years and have had conversations with a lot of women, especially with my Indian and South Asian women clients at my yoga and dance studios. I often get asked questions about yoga during your period as menstruation has cultural significance in India.

While I know I have various listeners from all parts of the world, this episode will be primarily relevant to my South Asian listeners who might be dealing with the same kinds of questions from their students. Or have been wondering this themselves. Nonetheless, listening to this episode will surely benefit all listeners by gaining some basic historical background knowledge and clarifying some misconceptions about India’s cultural customs.

I will give you some background history, context, and cultural elements around yoga and menstruation in India. After that, I’ll share what types of yoga practice you can and should be doing when you’re on period, what poses to avoid, and what to do during a painful and heavy-flow period.

Lastly, how you can address this topic with your students. I hope you’ll get a lot of insights on this episode!

Yoga and menstruation Episode Highlights:

  • History of menstruation in India
  • Period poverty
  • Respecting history and cultural practices
  • Can you do yoga during your period?
  • What should you avoid during your period?
  • What is Apana prana?
  • Yoga during a painful and/or uncomfortable heavy-flow period
  • Addressing period in yoga class

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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