Episode: 88

Yoga Quiz - Do You Know The Answers?

Since my Teaching Yoga to Beginners Training is literally just around the corner, this short episode is going to be slightly different from my usual format. It's a yoga quiz. This is going to be an interactive one where I'm going to be providing a number of scenarios and questions related to teaching yoga or asana to a beginner and have you, listeners, come up with your answers on how you would address each of them in the clearest, concise, and precise way possible.

These scenarios are based on things I have seen and dealt with over the past decade of teaching beginners every day. I believe that as yoga teachers, we should take note of every opportunity we get where we can increase our learning and reflect on what we've learned and how we did it.

This is exactly how I've grown Aham Yoga from zero students to hundreds and thousands of practitioners doing yoga with us. And I’m very pleased to also get the privilege to share this—and more—with you in my upcoming Teaching Yoga to Beginners Training that starts on June 10, 2022. So if you resonate with and learn a lot in this episode, it’s never too late, I highly encourage you to explore my course through the link provided in this episode and sign up. I guarantee you that what you learn in this course you can literally use for a lifetime!

I look forward to seeing you in our virtual training!

Yoga Quiz Episode Highlights:

  • 1st Scenario: Addressing unhealthy lifestyle-caused back issues
  • 2nd Scenario: Knee strength in Asana
  • 3rd Scenario: Addressing wrist trouble in Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)
  • Beginner's Asana pose bank
  • 4th Scenario: Addressing sciatica pain
  • What style of yoga do you teach?
  • What is the best position to begin a beginner's yoga class?
  • Two myths about yoga practice

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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