Episode: 122

10 Ways to Fail As A Yoga Teacher

I recently made a post on Instagram listing 10 ways to fail as yoga teachers, and I thought I should do a short solo episode in case you’re not on Instagram or you’ve missed it and to also add a little more context to the things I’ve said in that post.

These are things that I really wish somebody had told me when I started teaching yoga. So the main goal of this short episode is to give yoga teachers an awareness of the possible traps that we need to be avoiding. 

These are in no particular order. I just want you to take this as a light-hearted, reflective episode. I want us to laugh together and shed a tear as needed because I know that we’ve all been there and done that at some point.

Ways to Fail As A Yoga Teacher Episode Highlights:

  • Teaching yoga is the answer to all your life problems
  • Teaching yoga is easy
  • Teaching only at a yoga studio for it to ‘matter’
  • Waiting for the right moment to ‘start’ teaching
  • Needing to make everyone love you and like yoga
  • Focusing on the visible yoga (aka asanas) alone
  • Thinking that adaptability of asana is something you learn separately at a later point in your yoga studies
  • Learning a lot of yoga but understanding a little
  • Doing course after course but being afraid to implement
  • Teaching yoga is glamorous
  • Learning only parts of yoga
  • Picking topics that are trendy

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