Episode: 2

5 Unconventional places to teach yoga during COVID19

Welcome to the Episode 2 of Let’s Talk Yoga! 

Yoga teachers are having a hard time finding good teaching jobs, especially during this pandemic with all the studios and gyms closing down. Don’t waste your time waiting for them to call back, and don’t throw the towel just yet and give up. Let us start taking charge of our career by thinking outside the box (or gym). Let us explore new opportunities from unconventional sources while still keeping our skills sharp. 

Find out how we can keep teaching yoga even in this extraordinary time. Going virtual is the new normal and we are bringing yoga with us. Don’t be afraid because it can be difficult or uncomfortable. Be afraid if you get stuck. So have a listen in today’s episode and I promise to give you helpful tips to move on and continue earning from teaching yoga. 

Episode highlights: 

  • Unconventional places to teach yoga at 
  • How to approach them?
  • What to offer?

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