Episode: 3

Ayurvedic self-care for yoga teachers

Welcome to Episode 3 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

In today’s episode, we will understand the relationship between yoga and Ayurveda. 

Join me as I welcome our guest, Afrin Sopariwala, for our first interview on the Let’s Talk Yoga podcast. 

Afrin and I are dear friends connected by yoga. We met in a yoga class almost seven years ago. Afrin worked for two years at Google but left knowing that being a corporate employee was not for her. Eventually, she became an activist, doing talks and organizing protests about the climate crisis. She almost even got arrested. She presently works as a full-time Ayurveda practitioner. 

Afrin found herself in the yoga mat when she experienced stress as she was leaving Google. When her contract ended, she also felt an end to a relationship. Yoga healed her body and her heart and made her reflect on herself. 

She studied Ayurveda for two years while being an activist. When these activities came to a burnout point, she went to work with a naturopathic doctor in Seattle and also started to see her own clients. 

Ayurveda was derived from two Sanskrit words (āyus + veda) meaning “wisdom of life”. It was developed in India, and it is one of the oldest practiced holistic medical systems in the world. It is a way of living in harmony with the nature around you and also knowing the nature within you. It helps you learn and discover your uniqueness. 

Episode highlights: 

  • Ayurveda and yoga 
  • Ayurveda explained and simplified and the common misconceptions about it 
  • Ayurveda and self-care 
  • When to seek Ayurveda help 
  • How to access good ayurvedic wisdom 
  • Ayurvedic doctors versus ayurvedic practitioners 
  • Ayurveda for yoga teachers to combat fatigue, voice strain, disrupted sleep, burnout and when doing yoga outdoors 

Resources and links mentioned: 

  • Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing 
  • Dr. Robert Svoboda’s Ayurveda: Life, Health and Longevity 

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Featured Guests

Afrin Sopariwala

Afrin Sopariwala is a Women’s Health Specialist and Life Coach. She’s a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner and has a Yoga Teacher Certification.

Her own personal journey in healing from severe menstrual & digestive issues made her a life-long believer in a holistic approach to mid-body wellbeing. She loves to share practical, empowering, environmentally conscious, and result-focused techniques. She believes the simple daily practices of wellbeing can entirely transform your life. The trick is feeling motivated enough to build those habits. That’s where a coach comes in to guide you through that process.


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