Episode: 64

BTS of My New Immersive Study Program

What do you think about 200-hour yoga teacher training? Is it really worth investing your precious time and resources? Whether you’re a passionate student or an aspiring yoga teacher who’s eyeing such a course, this episode will help you make an informed decision. I’m taking you behind the scenes of my upcoming winter training. Join me as I break down my list of top 10 non-negotiable topics in a 200-hour yoga teacher training & immersive study program. 

It takes a whole lot of preparation and brain work to create an authentic yoga training program. That is why before you decide to spend on a course offering, you need to be certain that you would be getting the substance of the practice. Yoga is not focused on transactions but on transformation.I share how I’m re-working the existing 200-hour yoga teacher training system to help you, the student. Creating opportunities for better, higher-quality education is key. So often we take people who don’t want to become yoga teachers and force them into “teaching yoga”. As a result, we have 1000s of below-average, not invested yoga teachers sharing as yoga professionals in the modern yoga context. Creating more harm than good.

Listen in, if you want to evaluate your own 200-hour yoga teacher training. Or if you lead one. Or plan to do one in the near or far future.

BTS of my 200-hour yoga teacher training Episode Highlights:

Top 10 Non-negotiable Topics in a 200-hour Yoga Training

  • The Foundation of Yoga
  • Cultural Appropriation of Yoga by the West
  • What is Yoga?
  • All Things Asana Practice
  • Sequencing
  • Living your Yoga and Understanding Yoga Philosophy
  • Self-practice and Sadhana
  • Teaching Yoga Methodology: The Approach and Sharpening the Skill Set of Yoga
  • Post Training Support
  • Helping the Students Stay on Track

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