Episode: 65

Decolonizing Mental Health, Trauma of Cultural Appropriation & Compassion as a Core Value with Ekta Hattangady

What makes a yoga teacher effective? How does one positively impact a student’s life significantly? Aside from theoretical knowledge and physical capabilities, there is another important ingredient that must be in the mix. The word you’re looking for is “compassion”. What does it mean to be compassionate? Does it truly influence the manner in which we approach yoga practice? Listen in as we discuss mental health, cultural appropriation, and compassion, with psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer Ekta Hattangady.

Amidst the pandemic, people have been made aware of the importance of mental health more than ever. It is necessary to get past life’s obstacles and in the process, gain a positive outlook and peace of mind. As yoga teachers, we must be able to channel this goal to our students by way of compassion. In this episode, Ekta shares her thoughts on mental health, her traumatic experiences in cultural appropriation, and her journey to a compassion-filled and fruitful life. 

Compassion Episode Highlights:

  • Ekta Hattangady talks about her background
  • What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?
  • Ekta explains what qualifies as good mental health
  • What it means to decolonize mental health
  • Ekta talks about yoga trauma for Indian
  • What is compassion?
  • How empathy and compassion are related
  • Compassion: Learned Behavior or Internal Trait?
  • How to measure compassion
  • What comes first? Compassion or Mindfulness?
  • Different types of compassion
  • Ekta’s thoughts on the mental health of yoga teachers today
  • How to increase your compassion

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Featured Guests

Ekta Hattangady

Ekta (She/They) is a social worker, private practice psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer and coach. They have 16+ years of experience of working in the non-profit space in clinical and program roles across India, the US and Canada. Ekta is passionate about liberation – from worldly systems, internal barriers, and any other oppressive components that keep us captive. Their personal journey spans 10+ years, with Buddhist philosophy, specifically equanimity, insight and compassion practices being at the core.


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