Episode: 139

Everyday Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals You Didn’t Know About with Indu Arora

Because I’ve been in this really overwhelming season, I have been craving a pause. I’ve been craving rest and a break pretty intensely. So I’ve been wondering how to bring about more pratyahara, more mouna into my own life because I noticed the simple act of sensory withdrawal, even in small bits, and mouna practices, are so replenishing for us.

This kind of prompted me to share today’s episode with you, an episode that was previously aired way back three years ago almost when the podcast was new. I had one of our repeat guests, Indu Aurora, whom all of you know. She was talking about the wisdom of Ayurvedic self-care, deep wisdom, and how this is very different from your social media self-care, the trendy self-care, and what Ayurveda really says.

Ayurvedic self-care is taking care of ourselves from within. Indu’s book SOMA: 100 Heritage Recipes for Self-Care is filled with recipes, rituals & remedies. Looking after ourselves is especially important these times, so if you’re like me who loves anything DIY and self-care, you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Indu considers this book as a journey through her childhood, the compilation of practical and philosophical wisdom she received in her formative years which she now shares with the readers. If you’re looking to invest in your wellness & self-care and want to move beyond trendy self-care, tune in now.

Ayurvedic Self-Care Episode Highlights:

  • What is SOMA?
  • What is at stake if we don’t talk about ourselves?
  • How important is a self-care routine?
  • Indu’s favorite morning ritual
  • Indu’s nighttime practice
  • Oiling the soles of the feet
  • What is oil pulling and its benefits?
  • Tongue scraping and the difference between steel and copper tongue scrapers
  • What to do to keep our ears healthy
  • Indu suggests a simple way to practice mouna
  • Indu’s favorite eye-care ritual
  • Mudras and it’s part in self-care
  • Indu shares the value of self-care

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Featured Guests

Indu Arora

Indu Arora, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist considers herself a student for lifetime. She has been sharing about Yoga philosophy, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda since 1999. She is inspired by and taught under  Kriya Yoga, Himalayan Yoga, Kashmir Shivaism and Sivananda Yoga lineages. She has studied both Yoga and Ayurveda in a traditional Guru paramapara setting.


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