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#89: Prana Decoded with Indu Arora

I know we’ve had Indu Arora a number of times on this podcast already, and that’s because she is just full of wisdom to impart to us in understanding yoga in a more thoughtful way while also embracing its roots. She's back to help us understand prana in-depth in this episode. In a previous conversation […]

#88: Yoga Quiz - Do You Know The Answers?

Since my Teaching Yoga to Beginners Training is literally just around the corner, this short episode is going to be slightly different from my usual format. It's a yoga quiz. This is going to be an interactive one where I'm going to be providing a number of scenarios and questions related to teaching yoga or […]

#87: What Actually is Hatha Yoga with Prasad Rangnekar

In the modern and popular world of yoga, there is widespread misinformation about the tradition and the path of Hatha Yoga. Its rich history is often forgotten or laid aside and replaced with various misleading interpretations. As a yoga teacher, do you know what is hatha yoga? Because every modern yoga teacher is borrowing from […]

#86: 3 Yoga Sequencing Principles for Beginners

As a yoga & asana teacher, I see the tremendous need for high-quality asana teachers who aren't just good with yoga sequencing but can actually contextualize and lay a rock-solid foundation for yoga. This has been my primary motivator throughout my career to showcase the best of yoga to my students no matter what stage […]

#85: Top 5 Must-Know Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Anvita Dixit

If you're currently thinking of other ways to immerse yourself even more in the yoga practice, you should consider learning about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I know that there is this perception that philosophy and texts that are written in Sanskrit can be quite difficult to understand. That may be true. But there are […]

#84: How to Find a “Good” Yoga Teacher & Responsibility of a Yoga Student Teaching Yoga…

Some of the previous episodes of this podcast, I've spoken about how important it is to find the right teacher when you want to start your path in yoga. This stage of crucial decision-making can either make or break your yoga journey. But in the world we live in today, how easy is it to […]

#83: 7-Step Process to Nailing Asana Sequencing as a Yoga Teacher

If you teach yoga, chances are you teach yoga asana aka the physical practice of yoga. Yoga sequencing or asana sequencing is a challenge every yoga teacher faces at some point in their yoga journey. Especially if you've "vinyasa"-ed your way through your physical practice, this can be harder to grasp. Asana sequencing or yoga […]

#82: Marma Nadi: A Bridge Between Ayurveda and Yoga

Yoga, as a way of life, affects positive change in our day-to-day experiences.  It helps us find peace in the middle of a fast-paced environment and improves our physical state just as well. Do you notice how the flow of prana in your body changes when you meditate or do asana? A lot of yoga […]

#81: Sanātana Dharma, Hinduism & Yoga – A Beginners Guide with Savira Gupta

Being the third largest religion in the world, Sanātana Dharma—or Hinduism as it is more commonly known today—has been interpreted in ways that distort its true meaning. Since it is associated with yoga, which is now heavily commercialized, particularly in the West, more and more self-proclaimed gurus whose knowledge of Hinduism varies from little to […]

#80: The Similarities and Differences Between the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita

Most yoga teachers learn about the Bhagavad Gita & and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in isolation. They're often discussed as two different texts that have nothing to do with each other. But in fact, the two texts are deeply relevant to the life & journey of a yoga student. But it's confusing where to […]

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