Episode: 57

Top 5 FAQs about Pranayama

In today’s episode, I share the top five most frequently asked questions about Pranayama practice. Since I’ve been doing & teaching pranayama for over a decade, these questions come up time & time again. So I decided to put them in a podcast episode for you to have easy access.

Pranayama is truly a practice that we should be indulging more in. Whether you teach yoga or do you’re a student. There is so much to this ancient practice. If you’re keen to practice pranayama with me, check out my upcoming 30-hour pranayama training crafted exclusively for yoga teachers. I share more in this episode.

Pranayama FAQ Episode Highlights:

  • What is the meaning of Pranayama?
  • What does one need to do to start learning Pranayama?
  • Why does Pranayama need to be done on an empty stomach?
  • How often should you change your Pranayama sequence?
  • Is Pranayama a form of meditation?

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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