Episode: 53

The Sanskrit Channel – with Udaya Shreyas

If you are a yoga teacher like me, chances are you have also been intrigued by Sanskrit. If so, you’re in for a treat because, in this episode, you’re about to discover where the language came from, its significance to yoga, and why it is called “the language of the gods” & much more. I’m chatting with Udaya Shreyas from The Sanskrit Channel on YouTube. The best channel on the internet for all things Sanskrit.

Before Udaya Shreyas became a professional YouTuber, he worked at Google. Although he had the comforts of financial security, he wanted to search for a more fulfilling life which led him to his passion for Sanskrit. He then went on to share his content through The Sanskrit Channel.

Sanskrit is very rich in terms of sound structures and depth of meaning. This language has always intrigued yoga teachers. Listening to this episode will give you a lot of clarity about Sanskrit.

Studying and practicing this language will take you to an unexpected spiritual discovery. Udaya shares how he found fulfillment in diving deep into Sanskrit and understanding the essence of the Yoga Sutra. He also explains the history of Sanskrit and why it is no longer a mainstream language. 

Knowing the importance of Sanskrit will give you a better appreciation of Yoga. You’ll surely gain new insights from this episode and I hope you subscribe & support Udaya’s work.

The Sanskrit Channel Episode Highlights

  • Udaya shares how he became a professional YouTuber
  • Finding fulfillment in diving deep into Sanskrit
  • The significance of Sanskrit to understanding the essence of Yoga
  • Why is Sanskrit called “the language of the gods”?
  • The expression of language and its effects on every aspect of life
  • How changing the pronunciation can change the meaning of words
  • Language as an expression and perception of experience
  • Why is Sanskrit no longer a mainstream language?
  • Why Yoga Sutras are interpreted in different ways
  • Stories about the origin of the Sanskrit alphabet
  • How does one study Sanskrit?

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Featured Guests

Udaya Shreyas

Udaya Shreyas describes himself as a life-long student of Sanskrit. After graduating from one of the premier institutes of engineering in India, he picked up Sanskrit learning as a hobby during his corporate career. In his own words, little did he know back then that this hobby would turn into something so profound, and take over his very way of life. Uday is now a Sanskrit Linguist who is known for his widely renowned videos explaining various aspects of this Language of Gods. He is the creative director of The Sanskrit Channel, an organization with the mission to make Sanskrit Language and Literature Easy, Accessible, and Fun for Everyone.


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