Episode: 42

Free Pranayama Class & Sequencing Notes for Yoga Teachers

A lot of what’s been happening lately, especially with the second wave of COVID19 in India, has prompted me to do something different on the show today. I want to celebrate and honor our ability to breathe by sharing a free pranayama class that you can do for a lifetime & take anywhere with you. As you already know, I’ve been teaching pranayama for almost a decade. I’m even offering a an immersion & teacher training for this in May 2021.

There are so many breathing techniques given to us by ancient yogis. It’s not possible to have a complete conversation about all of it in just one podcast episode. You’ll discover the first pranayama known to mankind or the king of pranayamas in today’s episode. Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is the most popular & classical one. But did you know there are a few preparatory stages to this practice?

Usually, people just close one nostril & jump right into the practice. But what if I told you, you’re missing a couple of important preparatory stages here? You’ll hear the history, the benefits & a breakdown of the approach to this practice. This is followed by a guided practice that you can do literally for life. You’ll also get an abundant set of teacher notes as well as practice notes all through the episode.

Pranayama Episode Highlights:

  • Defining the word ‘pranayama’
  • Parts of respiration
  • Nadi Shodhana, the king of breath practice
  • Why it’s not meant to be rushed
  • Stage 1: Preparatory practice
  • Nasikagra Mudra
  • Guided self-practice for stage one
  • Stage 2: Equalizing the breath
  • Guided self-practice for stage two
  • How we tend to force our breath out
  • Stage 3: Antara Kumbhaka
  • Guided self-practice for stage three
  • Recap of the three stages of the practice

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