Mindful Yoga Teachers Club

The Mindful Yoga Teachers Club

You’re invited to my online monthly mentorship & support community for yoga teachers called, “The Mindful Yoga Teachers Club”. This is the online yoga teachers mentorship & support community you’ve been waiting for.

Years ago, when I started, I so often would wish that I could just ask someone for help. I was lonely, confused & honestly lost at many points not knowing how or what to do next. Being a yoga teacher is special & no one deserves to feel that way for wanting to share their yoga with those around them.

That’s why I created the Mindful Yoga Teachers Club. So, yoga teachers like you, have a safe place to ask questions about being a yoga teacher. No subject is off the table. Think of it as happy hour with a gal pal, with some chai & heart to heart conversation. We chat about business, growth, social media, confidence, teaching, ethics, & a whole lot more.

Each month you get to focus on a new topic. Apart from coaching, you can submit questions ahead of time, request for specific topics, & we learn, laugh & grow together. One of the reasons, I started the LTY podcast, so that I could uplift other yoga teachers especially BIPOC community teachers. This is my way of showing up for you.
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We meet the last Friday of every month. 12 noon to 1 pm Pacific time. The week of the meeting, you will get an email asking for questions about the topic of the month or others. Along with the log in details & any additional notes for the session.

If you can’t join live (highly recommended though to get most impact), you can watch the recording. It will be available for a full month until the next call.

Wait, this must be expensive?

Nope! It’s just $17 per month. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
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Upcoming meetings...

We meet on the last Friday of every month. Unless the last Friday is a long weekend. The dates are released 3 months at a time. The next 3 meetings are scheduled for May 27th, June 25th, July 30th & August 27th at 12 noon to 1pm PST 

Who is this for? 

The Mindful Yoga Teacher's Club was created for yoga teachers. Far too many well-intentioned & knowledgeable yoga teachers struggle to navigate the side of teaching yoga & entrepreneurship. Being mentored by those who've gone before you can be truly valuable. People pay thousands of dollars for masterminds & business coaching. But most yoga teachers operate on a shoe-string budget. I've created this to inspire & support you. Whether you're a yoga teacher in training, a new teacher or been teaching for years I welcome you to the Mindful Yoga Teachers Club. 

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