Episode: 97

What No One Told You About Hands-on Adjustments in Yoga

Hands-on adjustments have been used on and off throughout many decades in yoga by yoga teachers all over the world. But so much has been going on in the world in recent years that it has definitely impacted how we show up as yoga teachers. Particularly due to the pandemic, many yoga teachers and students have already resorted to virtual yoga classes.

I believe this conversation around adjustments in general needs a revisit and a little more contextualization because many yoga teachers have been unclear today about whether or not they should continue offering hands-on adjustments in their classes.

My goal for this episode is to help you understand adjustments by shedding some light on the cultural context of India. I know I’ve talked about this in my very first episode but I believe that the more you know about the origins of yoga and its evolution and development, the more context you will have that will enable you to stay deeply connected to your yoga and be able to show up and serve better as a yoga teacher in the modern yoga world.

We’ll have a deep dive into the three main types of adjustments and we’ll explore which approach is best for teaching your asana classes. I’ll also give you three questions to ask yourself to guide you even further with your decision on what type of adjustments you are capable of offering your students.

Hands-on Adjustments Yoga Episode Highlights:

  • What are hands-on adjustments?
  • The cultural context of hands-on adjustments in Indian yoga classes
  • Three questions you have to ask yourself
  • Understanding the three main types of adjustments
  • Which type of adjustment would be the best to use?
  • The importance of student consent
  • Can you standardize adjustments?
  • Getting skillful at verbal and non-verbal queuing
  • Is the use of hands-on adjustment still relevant today?

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