Episode: 1

5 Reasons Why Yoga in India Is Different From Yoga In The US

Welcome to the very first episode of Let’s Talk Yoga! Talking about the differences I noticed doing yoga in India versus yoga in the US.

I’m Arundhati Baitmangalkar, founder, and lead teacher at Aham Yoga. My mission is to make yoga accessible, and practical for our modern-day lifestyles through this platform! 

Yoga is one of the fastest-growing fitness and healthy activity today, especially here in the US. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is actually more popular in America compared to its birthplace, India.  

Because of its various health benefits – physical, mental, and spiritual, it’s no wonder many are getting into the practice. There is not one way of practicing Yoga – and in this podcast, we’re going to talk about all the different Yoga practices and everything related to Yoga, and the differences of Yoga in India versus Yoga here in America 

Through this podcast, I hope to educate and empower you to understand the authentic origin of things that have now become synonymous with yoga. 

Yoga in India vs USA Episode Highlights: 

  • Debunking yoga fads  
  • Dressing up for yoga 
  • Heart yoga is unknown in India 
  • People don’t call themselves ‘yogi’ in India 


Seattle Yoga News – Yoga in India vs. Yoga in America

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