Episode: 59

How to (Really) Teach Beginners Yoga with Natalie Tabilo

When was the last time that you had to teach yoga to beginners yoga students? Which concept or practice did you choose to teach first and why? Have you ever taught someone who is differently abled? Teaching beginners is a basic and yet a crucial step in a yoga teacher’s journey. How you approach the fundamental instruction could make or break someone’s yoga journey. To help us tackle this primary obstacle, I have Natalia Tabilo the founder of Yoga For All Bodies on the show.

Natalia is a body-positive yoga teacher & a journalist. She shares the story of how she became an advocate of an inclusive and accessible yoga practice. She has analyzed 54 yoga classes and discovered a common inadequacy in teaching yoga to beginners.

In this episode, she explains how to encourage people of different abilities and body types to pursue their yoga journey by teaching them how to use tools that suit their needs perfectly.  So, listen closely as we break down the hows of teaching yoga to beginners.

Beginners Yoga Episode Highlights:

  • Natalia’s yoga journey and the birth of Yoga for All Bodies
  • What are teachers getting wrong in teaching beginners yoga?
  • The most important components of a beginners’ yoga class
  • How do you explain yoga in a beginners’ yoga class?
  • Cueing and communication in a beginners’ yoga class
  • The mindset needed for a better approach to yoga for beginners
  • How many classes does a beginner need?
  • Which is more beneficial for beginners: Online class or in-studio class?

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Featured Guests

Natalie Tabilo

I’m Natalia Tabilo (She/Her) a Body Positive 500 RYT yoga teacher, journalist, and the founder of Yoga for All Bodies. I was made in Chile and now I live in San Francisco, CA.  Yoga has helped me become friends with my mind and body and that’s why I want to share it with others. After feeling left out and unseen in yoga classes, I decided to create Yoga for All Bodies™, an inclusive and accessible practice based on variations, sensations, and freedom to meet and enjoy your body and mind, where you are today. I love Yoga props and in all my classes variations (not modifications, because everything is a 100% Yoga), are offered using them!


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