Episode: 37

Learn To Savor Your Sadhana with Mirabelle D’Cunha

Welcome to Episode 37 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

Have you heard about sadhana in Yoga? If you’re a yoga teacher, Sadhana is central to the very core of living & teaching yoga. My guest today is Mirabelle D’Cunha. Mirabelle and I know met on Instagram and instantly connected as Indian yoga teachers living abroad. It’s very evident if you know Mirabelle that she does not only teach yoga but also lives it profoundly. She is full of delightful wisdom and you’ll hear that throughout the episode.

Mirabelle helps us understand sadhana practice and why it’s important, especially for yoga teachers. How to discern what is sadhana & what’s not. What goes into a sadhana practice? And the many intricate layers of sadhana that you don’t get to hear often in the modern world. Sadhana connects you to your Self & if you’re a yoga teacher or student keen on living your yoga this episode is a must-listen.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mirabelle’s background on yoga
  • What sadhana means for Mirabelle
  • What is the essence of sadhana to yoga teachers?
  • Who is sadhana for?
  • Sadhana and self-care
  • Where does one learn sadhana?
  • Sadhana for students versus sadhana for teachers
  • What happens in a sadhana practice?
  • How does sadhana come into the family dynamics?

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Featured Guests

Mirabelle D’Cunha

Mirabelle D’Cunha supports committed yoga lovers to savour the luxury of inner experience and find purpose, pleasure and joy in life through breath. She provides a loving space for them to unplug from urgency, into deep trust and allowing. Her signature offerings are Sadhana Club – an online sanctuary that brings grace, clarity, and community to yoga teachers and practitioners – as well as her Breathe into a Radiant You private mentoring program for healing through breath.


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