Episode: 36

Want More Yoga Students? 10 Never-heard Before Insights + New Co-host

Welcome to Episode 36 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

I’m addressing the most common question I get from new and aspiring yoga teachers in this episode, “How do I get more yoga students?”. Far too many well-intentioned yoga teachers struggle with the reality of what it means to be a yoga teacher. The teaching yoga space is already a crowded space so it can be pretty difficult to establish a student base especially in the first few years. Yoga teachers need to not only learn all things yoga in a short span but also what it means to be an entrepreneur if one chooses to do so.

Most yoga teachers get trapped in how they think about sustaining themselves as a yoga teacher. While learning from high quality, authentic, true to the source teachings are a required part of every yoga teachers journey. For those who want to branch off on their own, that’s only one side of the coin. This is what what our show is about today.

I’m diving deep into what it means to grow as a yoga teacher. Sharing 10 best insights that I wish I knew when I was a new yoga teacher. These insights are timeless reminders of the journey we’re on as humans and as teachers.

You’ll also hear us talk about the Mindful Yoga Teachers Club. How you can get access to monthly mentorship with me for just $17 per month. As well as a free download and cheatsheet for these 10 insights.

My lovely co-host today is Afrin Sopariwala who was on episode 3 of this podcast. She shares an exciting update in the show today. Tune in for a fun but power-packed episode.

Episode Highlights:

  • Important disclaimers for yoga teachers
  • Show up to connect, not to impress
  • Teaching yoga is not about you
  • Work on your communication skills
  • Who do you uniquely serve?
  • Growing in your career as a yoga teacher takes time
  • Embrace discomfort
  • Redefine what success means to YOU 
  • Your start won’t look like somebody else’s middle
  • Learn from outside industry experts
  • Take the baby-step approach

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