Episode: 71

My Yoga Story

 I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you about my background and how I got into yoga. I would like to answer your questions by sharing this special episode with you. Today, I talk about my life from when I was little to when I began my yoga journey.

I usually don’t talk much about myself on the show. If anything its usually yoga-related. But since this community is global and growing, I hope that by sharing my story, you get a glimpse into how it takes time to build up as a yoga teacher & you find inspiration from my humble yoga story to write your own.

My Yoga Story Episode Highlights:

  • A glimpse into my childhood
  • When did I get started with dance and movement?
  • How yoga was introduced to my life
  • Why did I decide to study yoga?
  • The influence of my yoga teachers on my journey as a seeker
  • What kind of yoga student was I?
  • When did I start teaching yoga?
  • How I established Aham Yoga
  • The birth of Let’s Talk Yoga podcast
  • Where I am today in my yoga journey

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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