Episode: 70

Uncovering the True Message of the Vedas with Sarvesh Thakkar

The new age of spirituality has spread like wildfire in the yoga world. The possibility of correcting the yoga trends seems to get slimmer by the day. It can get frustrating sometimes, especially if you’re someone like me – born & raised in India. But If you’re passionate about studying and teaching genuine yoga wisdom, you’re probably looking for ways to properly and accurately introduce this philosophy to those who are eager to learn. Fortunately, this can be achieved by studying the Vedas.

For the sake of commercialism, the west has drastically distorted the cultural foundation of yoga and fed people with shallow concepts that are misleading. This is why yoga seekers must learn the Vedas & other sources mentioned by today’s guest.

To give us a sense of what the Vedas are and their significance in studying and teaching yoga, I have invited  Sarvesh Thakkhar for this episode. Tune in as Sarvesh shares his extensive knowledge of the Vedas and why every yoga student and mentor must study it. 

Uncovering the True Message of the Vedas Episode Highlights:

  • Sarvesh talks about his work and how he became interested in the vedas
  • What are the vedas and why should yoga seekers study it?
  • How old are the vedas?
  • The different types of vedas
  • How to approach studying the vedas
  • Sarvesh reveals how he learned as a yoga student
  • What the west has distorted in vedic culture
  • What is seva and why is it important?
  • The purpose of seva
  • How to tell the difference between genuine yoga wisdom and new age spirituality
  • What kind of yoga is mentioned in the vedas?
  • Sarvesh’s advice to those who want to start studying the vedas
  • What is the goal of studying the vedas?

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Featured Guests

Sarvesh Takkhar

Sarvesh is a young entrepreneur and a banker professionally based in Ontario, Canada. He had also launched an ayurvedic-inspired plant-based restaurant and meditation space in Hamilton, ON back in 2020.  Spirituality plays a crucial role in his lifestyle, recognizes his achievement to his spiritual teachers, the swamis with whom he had a chance to live at Gurukul and learn while growing up in India, and his inspiration and Guru Acharya Shri Koshalendraprasadji. He is on a journey towards creating a conscious footprint in social and entrepreneurial space and just launched The Veda Project.


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