Episode: 31

Non-violent Communication for Yoga Teachers with Judith Lasater

Welcome to Episode 31 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

Judith Hanson Lasater is back again on the show, this time, to talk about nonviolent communication for yoga teachers. Communication is central to everything we do in our lives. Especially as yoga teachers, we use our words & bodies to communicate. How we communicate matters deeply. Probably, more so in a world of social media & cancel culture. Non-violent communication reinforces what yoga has taught us all along. That communicating clearly and compassionately is a better way of life. Both for ourselves & for those around us.

Judith & her husband, Ike Lasater authored a book called, “What we say matters, practicing non-violent communication” a decade ago. I invited her back on the show to talk more in detail about non-violent communication for us yoga teachers. We chat in-depth about why it’s more important for us as teachers. Why communicating this way is more for us than others. We also talk at length about cancel culture in the yoga world. Whether you teach yoga or not, you wouldn’t want to miss this episode. Judith as always packs so many layers of lived wisdom into this episode.

Judith Hanson Lasater has been a yoga teacher since 1971. She is one of the founders of Yoga Journal Magazine, the California Yoga Teachers Association, and the Yoga Alliance. She is the author of nine books on yoga and related topics. She has taught yoga in almost all of the fifty states of the US and on six continents and has consulted on three NIH studies on yoga. She is celebrating her 50 years of teaching yoga in July.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is non-violent communication? 
  • Is NVC more significant for yoga teachers? 
  • NVC is not for others but for us
  • How to engage with empathy? 
  • Who is NVC for? 
  • Where does violence start in communication? 
  • Cancel culture in the yoga world 
  • Should we respond to cancel culture in the yoga world?
  • NVC exercise live on the podcast about cancel culture 
  • What are we giving our presence to? Why it matters? 
  • How to ground ourselves & act from empathy
  • Difference between feeling & judgments 
  • Clarity of intension 
  • Updates about Judith’s latest book 

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Judith Hanson Lasater

JUDITH HANSON LASATER, Ph.D., PT, C-IAYT, E-RYT-500 has taught yoga since 1971. She holds a doctorate in East-West psychology and is a physical therapist. Dr. Lasater is the president emeritus of the California Yoga Teachers Association and is one of the founders of Yoga Journal magazine. She trains yoga teachers in asana, kinesiology, yoga therapeutics, and the Yoga Sutras, and she leads workshops and retreats throughout the US and abroad. She is a pioneer in the teaching and practice of Restorative yoga.


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