Episode: 15

Questions I’ve been asked about poses repeatedly over the past decade

Welcome to Episode 15 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

While I know you enjoy having these interviews here on the Let’s Talk Yoga Podcast, most of my time is actually devoted to teaching asana. Over the years, I get a lot of questions about it, asking to clear some confusions and busting some myths about asana practice. So I thought I’d answer those commonly asked questions in this solo episode as some of the yoga teachers out there might have the same questions as I did when I was starting out.

As an immigrant and a woman of color, the physical practice of yoga is often left to my white counterparts. But South Asian yoga teachers like myself are not only here to talk about history, philosophy, and cultural appropriation of yoga. We’re also here to talk about asana and alignment. 

Join in as I bring clarifications on confusing asana practices. I also present some quick, simple, straightforward, but highly effective modifications in an asana class which are very useful for yoga teachers. Some miscellaneous knowledge about asana is discussed in the episode as well.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the appropriate distance between the hands and the feet in Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward-facing dog pose?
  • “Is this pose supposed to hurt?”
  • How to improve balance?
  • Meditation and shutting down your thoughts
  •  “I have lower back pain, will yoga help me?”
  • How to get from downward-facing dog to low lunge or anjaneyasana pose?
  • Learn to position your hand well to avoid hurting your wrist in side plank or vasisthasana pose
  • How deep should one go in virabhadrasana II or warrior II pose?
  •  “I’m scared of going upside down.”
  • What yoga poses strengthen the core?

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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