Episode: 14

Do props have a purpose with Zain Syed

Welcome to Episode 14 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

Join today’s packed episode as Zain Syed talks about the purpose of props in the practice of yoga. Zain is surprisingly creative in sequencing and very playful in his use of props. He goes deep down on how to use props to advance and assist in yoga asana.

If you’re a yoga teacher who wants to be creative and who is looking into using props to assist your practice and your teaching, this episode will enlighten you more about it. I know some of you hesitate in adding props to your practice because some myths are there around the use of props. I too was in the no prop camp for a long time. But today, Zain shatters the myth that using props means that your pose is lesser or is not as capable.

Zain Syed is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. He had his first class at San Quentin Prison and since became a devoted facilitator of the Prison Yoga Project where he taught every week for over six years. He has visited over 20+ countries to share the yoga practice with diverse communities in South America, Central America, Asia, and Europe. He also shares his practice online by making DIY videos posted on his social media sites and channels.

Episode Highlights:

  • Zain Syed shares his origin story of how he got into the practice of yoga
  • Zain talks about his creativity in sequencing and the use of props
  • What are Zain’s thoughts on vinyasa yoga and vinyasa flow
  • Zain explains using props as a support system in yoga practice
  • Advice for someone who wants to explore prop use

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Featured Guests

Zain Syed

Zain Syed is a California based yoga teacher and a celebrated practitioner in the online yoga community. His videos on social media have inspired many around the world to explore creative and fun ways into the practice of asanas. With many years of training from senior Iyengar Yoga teachers, as well as studying and learning from his mentor and dear friend, Carrie Owerko, he brings a dynamic blend of power, precision and play into his practice and teaching. Before the pandemic Zain was a traveling teacher and visited over 20+ countries to share practice with diverse communities overseas. He currently teaches virtual classes and workshops through Zoom.


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