Episode: 112

Tell Your Yoga Students This Right Away

I know a lot of you are teaching Asana as part of your yoga teaching journey and many of you have been practicing Asana for a very long time. And being a teacher of Asana for a long time myself I’ve always wondered why some students stick to yoga while others don’t.

So I started paying close attention to what I call the customer’s psyche as to how students relate to yoga. For this short episode, I wanted to talk about it as I think it will not only help you navigate yourself and set expectations for yourself in your yoga, but also that this is a conversation that you should be taking to the students who are coming to your asana classes.

There are many variables at play here but what I want to share here with you are two approaches that I constantly remind students of at Aham Yoga which you can extend to greater yoga as well. I encourage you to give it some thought and to take the approach that your students are able to adapt to.

Having this conversation first and foremost with your students will help them navigate into deeper yoga and solve the problems they run into.

Tell Your Yoga Student This Episode Highlights:

  • Two main approaches in Asana
    • Grow your Asana practice physically
    • Grow your Asana practice as a lifestyle
  • Take into consideration people’s personalities
  • Stay present and mindful of what you’re doing
  • Be open and flexible to let your yoga evolve with time and experience

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