Episode: 113

Is Your Yoga Evolving For Optimal Woman’s health?

As part of celebrating International Women’s Month (as I call it), I’m going to talk about a subject that I’m deeply passionate about, women’s health.

You might notice that most of the time in modern popular vinyasa studios, the yoga or asana practice is the same for all ages, whether you’re 21 years old or 80 years old. But is that the best approach? Is there a more thoughtful approach that we can do instead? In this episode, we’re going to find that out.

I’m highlighting the different stages or milestones in a woman’s life biologically and I talk about the kind of yoga that goes into these phases. There is plenty in yoga’s toolbox to help any woman with these phases – whether you’re looking for optimal health practices or have issues to address.

My goal for this conversation is for yoga teachers to know what type of yoga they could offer to their students and how their yoga evolves as their life stages evolve, and for yoga students to discover the possible options available suitable for whatever life stage they’re in.

Yoga at Different Stages of Woman’s health Episode Highlights:

  • The 4 stages in a woman’s life
  • From birth to puberty
    • Taking kids to a yoga class
    • The pineal gland in yoga
  • Hitting puberty and becoming a young woman
    • Doing yoga for period health
    • Things you have to avoid during your period
    • Period health problems and how to address them
  • Reproductive health
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Postpartum yoga
  • Menopause
    • Perimenopause
    • Menopause
    • The stage beyond menopause

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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