Episode: 35

Uncovering Radiant Rest with Tracee Stanley

Welcome to Episode 35 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

In a past episode with Indu Arora, I mentioned how interested and a big believer I am in the practice of yoga nidra. In fact, I recently just finished reading a book called Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity, which I found to be a very well-written book. This book has so much to offer us that I decided to invite its author, Tracee Stanley, to talk more about her book, yoga nidra, and the impact it has had on her life.

In this episode, Tracee elaborates on the mechanics of the practice of yoga nidra and goes on to discuss finding the right supported position, relaxing the body, and watching your diaphragmatic breathing leading to a feeling of dissolution. She also mentions how her students are even more interested in yoga nidra than any other practices. So if you’re interested in this practice, this episode will absolutely give you more idea of what to expect from it.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tracee shares her experience writing her first book
  • How Tracee started practicing yoga nidra
  • What should be someone’s intention when they want to practice yoga nidra?
  • The fascinating goddess of yoga nidra
  • What actually happens in yoga nidra?
  • Hypnagogic state in yoga nidra
  • How yoga nidra is practiced for someone with trauma?
  • The Householder’s Flow
  • How important is the 40-day sadhana in yoga nidra?
  • Some words of inspiration from Tracee
  • Tracee teaches us how to set a mental alarm clock

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Featured Guests

Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley has been practicing yoga nidra since 2001. She left her high-stress career as a Hollywood film producer to share these empowering and rejuvenating practices with others. Her effortless way of sharing ancient teachings in accessible ways is her superpower.

RADIANT REST published by Shambhala Publishing is her first book.


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