Episode: 77

Ways to Breakdown Beginners Yoga

Thank you for being an avid listener of this podcast. Your unwavering support inspires me to be a better yoga teacher. As you have heard from the previous episodes, I’m launching a new course in May 2022 called “Teaching Yoga to Beginners” and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you some snippets from the upcoming training.

It’s a real challenge to teach a person who is just starting their yoga experience. What is the best approach in teaching yoga to beginners? How do we prepare ourselves as teachers?

When teaching yoga to beginners, it’s necessary to remind ourselves that yoga is a lifelong process of learning. We must not overwhelm beginner students with everything at once. Instead, we should pay close attention to where they stand and start there. When teachers know their students’ exact needs, they are more likely to succeed in getting through to them. Take advantage of this level when they are most susceptible to knowledge and build a strong foundation. After all, mentors play a big part in their students’ yoga. Listen and discover more in today’s episode.

Beginners Yoga Episode Highlights:

  • How to teach yoga to a beginner
    • Teach the beginner what they can relate to first
    • See the student in front of you with your head and your heart
    • Operate from a point of abundance, not lack
    • Check if you’re able to explain yoga to yourself if you were a beginner
  • Preview of the training manual
  • The teacher’s mindset for teaching beginners yoga
    • You were once a beginner and still a beginner in other aspects
    • Most learning happens at the beginner’s level
    • Picture your students living their yoga in the long run
    • Teach whoever comes to you without judgment or selfish agenda
    • Build a professional rapport rooted in yoga with your each of your students
    • Be willing to unlearn some things to uncover more yoga
    • Practice non-attachment in your teaching
    • Go the extra mile for your students and yourself as well

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