Episode: 146

What Are the Essentials of Spirituality with Ram Jain

Spirituality iny is a term that is frequently used in our yoga communities. However, what does spirituality actually signify when it comes to yoga? To discover the answer to this question, I am thrilled to introduce a new guest, Ram Jain, who will be discussing the fundamental principles of spirituality.

Ram and I discussed the essentials of spirituality in yoga, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the illusion of the material world and seeking joy and happiness from within. We delve into the distinction between joy and happiness and explore how yoga instructors can effectively incorporate spirituality into their teaching. We also touch upon the concept of deeper yoga, which we refer to as invisible yoga on this podcast, and how it can be introduced to practitioners.

Ram added that reflection is crucial in yoga practice, and highlighted the significance of finding balance in all six pillars of happiness: health, productivity, relationships, leisure, spirituality, and lifestyle.

I believe that this conversation will be of great value to anyone who practices or teaches yoga, and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Essentials of Spirituality In Yoga Episode Highlights:

  • What spirituality means in the context of yoga
  • How does one begin their spiritual journey in yoga
  • The difference in spiritual perception between yogis and modern-day practitioners
  • Can yoga bring one happiness?
  • Should someone practice yoga to find more joy?
  • The six pillars of happiness
  • Recognizing and addressing the imbalances in the six pillars of happiness
  • The difference between religion and spirituality from the lens of yoga
  • Is yoga a religious practice?
  • Things to keep in mind in walking the path of spirituality
  • How does one teach themselves to reflect?
  • Other essentials of spirituality?
  • Temporary guide for someone who hasn’t yet found a guide or teacher
  • Recommended scriptures to study
  • Introducing the concept of deeper yoga and reflection to students
  • How can a yoga or an asana teacher improve their confidence when it comes to sharing yoga?
  • Defining what spirituality is going to be individually
  • Navigating the individual spiritual journey inside relationships

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Featured Guests

Ram Jain

Ram Jain was born into a family where yoga has been a way of life for five generations; his formal yoga education started when he was eight years old at a Vedic School. Growing up, he assisted many yoga teachers. He always felt something was missing in how yoga is taught. There is no point in having good self-practice but no skill in helping others learn. Most of the yoga teacher training courses did not impart the skill of teaching others correctly. So, he decided to create yoga teacher training courses to teach the practical skills essential to train and teach effectively; this passion for helping others to succeed drives them at Arhanta.


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