Episode: 26

Why Content is Your Superpower with Andrea Ferretti

Welcome to Episode 26 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

As a yoga teacher if you’re keen to grow your audience, you need to start paying more attention to content development & creation. It can be rather challenging to navigate the various mediums of content we have available to us today – social media, newsletters, YouTube videos and more. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce my guest this week Andrea Ferretti.

Like many of you I found out about Andrea when she launched her Yogaland podcast 5 years ago. I’ve always considered her to be the queen of content creation in the yoga world. With her podcast standing at 4 million downloads in 5 years. She recently launched her content creation course to help yoga teachers understand, develop and navigate through content.

In this episode, we start by talking about the different forms of content options for teachers, how to understand what’s best for you, the importance of an email list and newsletter. As well as how to link free content to paid content, what holds yoga teachers back and much more. If you’ve been looking to start understanding content creation, listen to this episode right away.

Andrea Ferretti is the creative director behind Jason Crandell Yoga Method and the host of Yogaland Podcast. She has worked for the Yoga Journal in 2002 as the editor. In her decade-long tenure, she interviewed most of the best yoga teachers and explored the influence of yoga from different angles. She is now a freelance writer, a podcaster and has been course creating for yoga teachers, helping them navigate through content in the world of teaching yoga.

Episode Highlights:

  • Andrea lists the things that constitute content for yoga teachers
  • Free versus paid content
  • Where and how to start with content creation
  • Building email lists
  • Creating content for yoga teachers employed in a studio
  • Things to add in a newsletter
  • Does every yoga teacher need to be in heavy-duty content creation?
  • Getting paid to write for websites and magazines
  • Essential characteristics of a yoga teacher in creating content
  • Newsletter software
  • When to undergo additional training
  • What Andrea wished she knew at the start of her content creation journey
  • Andrea’s last words of advice for content creation

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Connect with Andrea Ferretti:

Content Blueprint for Yoga Teachers Course

Yogaland Podcast

Andrea’s Instagram

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Andrea Ferretti

Andrea Ferretti has been practicing and creating content about yoga for more than 20 years. In 2002, Andrea started her decade-long tenure as an editor at Yoga Journal. In 2015, Andrea started Yogaland Podcast. What began as a passion project and a desire to share down-to-earth, inspiring interviews has since garnered more than 4 million downloads. Recently, Andrea launched Content Blueprint for Yoga Teachers, an online course that helps yoga teachers find their voice and share content that supports their yoga business.


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