Episode: 33

Why You Should Be Fascinated By Your Fascia with Pooja Virani

Welcome to Episode 33 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

I have Pooja Virani on the show today to talk about all things fascia. I know a lot of yoga teachers are curious about fascia & how it impacts our bodies & practice. Pooja talks about myofascial release and its importance to yoga teachers and practitioners. She enumerated the dos and don’ts, the starting point, and even the duration of working with fascia. If these are the things that are also on your mind, I suggest you hit play right now. Pooja packs so much information for us about all things fascia.

Pooja believes in “yoga for everyone” and aims to make yoga accessible and inclusive to all people  – regardless of your race, age, gender, sexuality, previous experience, or ability.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Pooja got into yoga
  • What called Pooja into teaching yoga
  • Fascia and its importance to yoga
  • Pooja’s take on hot yoga and fascia
  • Should yoga teachers be diversifying their movements?
  • Long-term negative effects of asana practice without regular fascia release
  • When to do fascia release
  • What is myofascial release?
  • The starting point to working with fascia
  • How fascia ages in the body
  • The age to start a myofascial release
  • The type of yoga that favors the health of the fascia more
  • Aspects of the asana practice that poses a “red flag”
  • Is a massage gun the same as doing myofascial release?
  • Why social justice and pain management means so much for Pooja

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Featured Guests

Pooja Virani

Pooja Virani is a Pain-Free Movement Specialist and Social Justice Consultant on a mission to spread joy, foster equality, and help people reach their highest potential. She is certified in Kripalu Yoga & Meditation, Kids’ Yoga, and Acroyoga. She has practiced yoga for over 15 years and taught it all over the word, most recently in Bali, Indonesia. Pooja specializes in Rehabilitative Yoga for Injury Prevention & Pain Relief, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Yoga, and Social Justice Education for Yoga Teachers, Community Leaders, and Businesses.


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