Episode: 108

5 Ways to Take Your Yoga Beyond Asana in Yoga Class

As a yoga teacher trainer & mentor I often get asked, how can you take your asana students into deeper yoga? It’s a well known fact that millions begin yoga through asana aka yoga poses by walking into a yoga studio or by trying a video on YouTube, but it is difficult to keep them hooked on the practice. Or even if you manage to, far and few will want to explore yoga beyond asana.

In this episode, I start the conversation about how to impart that yoga is beyond just poses. Even I sometimes find myself asking if I’m too immersed in the asana world that it’s somewhat stopping my students from understanding the deeper aspects of yoga. Are we actually part of the problem in the asanization of yoga?

How do we then become part of the solution then? This is a question that I aim to answer early on in 2023 so that we can get our participants, our students, and even ourselves as yoga teachers to connect through asana in a deeper and more meaningful way.

On that note, know that this is not a one-episode conversation and we’re just setting the stage so I’m calling this episode part one. I hope that you’ll join me over the course of the next few months as we come back and revisit this topic so we can work towards building a more meaningful asana class for ourselves and our students and highlight a little more of the yoga part in asana!

Yoga beyond asana Episode Highlights:

  • Set correct expectations
  • Not everybody needs to learn all of yoga
  • Create a stronger relationship between the student and their asana practice
  • Make asana meaningful to the student
  • 5 Ways to Take Your Asana Students Into Deeper Yoga in Class
    1. Tell them why the pose is good for them
    2. Ask students to notice if they are physically tired or mentally tired
    3. Ask participants to notice if a particular pose is heating or cooling
    4. Add a little more context to asana
    5. Throw in little tidbits of what yoga is all about

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