Episode: 109

Mythological Story of Shavasana & Why You Roll to the Right

Practicing Shavasana as a lifestyle tool is very significant nowadays. It is of very practical use for our nervous system, our bodies, brains, cardiovascular health, and for so many other physical reasons. It is actually a topic that has been on my mind more recently. 

The good thing is that Shavasana is one of the easiest poses to do. In fact, it seems like it’s easier to do Shavasana for other people. However, explaining the depths of it is a struggle for many yoga teachers. So for this short episode, I want you to join me in exploring all about Shavasana to understand it better.

Think of this as a free Shavasana masterclass. I’ll touch on the interesting mythological story behind the Shava of Shavasana, the corpse of Shavasana, and the reason why it’s called the corpse pose. I’ll also talk about setting people up in Shavasana, its ideal duration, and dealing with some of the problems that we usually encounter with it.

I hope that this little Shavasana exploration leaves you with more insight as to why this practice is of even more value today.

Shavasana Episode Highlights:

  • What is Shavasana
  • Mythological references to Shavasana
  • How to set people up in Shavasana
  • The duration of Shavasana
  • The reason why we do Shavasana
  • How to come out of Shavasana
  • The reason why we roll to the right
  • What if a student falls asleep in Shavasana
  • Make sure you explain Shavasana well to your students

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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