Episode: 107

What is Advanced Yoga with Vikram Jeet Singh

In Episode 100 of the Let's Talk Yoga Podcast, I've invited five yoga teachers who have been on the show multiple times to briefly share with us what advanced yoga means to each one of them to serve as an entryway to more conversations about what advanced yoga really is and whether it is valid or invalid as a measurement in yoga today.

One of them was Vikram Jeet Singh. And on this episode, I'm inviting him back to dive even deeper into what advanced yoga really means. This topic has been on the cards for a very long time since I know that there are so many misconceptions about it in modern-day yoga. Although I know it's not a very easy topic to talk about, I'm so happy that Vikram still agreed to have this conversation and even generously shared a lot of insights and clarity about what advanced yoga is.

Join us as we discuss advanced asana versus advanced yoga, the importance of finding the right teacher or mentor as we approach advanced yoga, and structuring our yoga journey to avoid being stuck. There's really so much more that we get into in this conversation that I'm sure you'll find enriching!

Advanced Yoga Episode Highlights:

  • Distinguishing advanced asana from advanced yoga
  • Changing the narrative about advanced yoga
  • Structuring our yoga practice and drawing the line in using labels 
  • The characteristics or qualities of advanced yoga
  • Attachment and detachment in yoga practice
  • Dealing with being stuck in the yoga journey
  • Finding the right teacher or mentor in approaching advancement in yoga
  • Some important takeaways for yoga teachers

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Featured Guests

Vikram Jeet Singh

Vikram took his first asana class at Modo Yoga in the fall of 2006 and right away fell in love with the practice. After regularly practicing for about a year and a half, he finished the 500 hour Modo Teacher Training in Kerala, India in March 2008. After teaching part-time for a few months, Vikram decided to switch careers and ultimately left his HR job to pursue a full-time teaching career. Vikram has taught at various Modo locations in the GTA since November 2008. Over the course of the years, he has accumulated over 11,000+ hours of teaching experience.


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