Episode: 40

Best Tips For Great Yoga Photos with Lauren Mitchell

As a yoga teacher, it’s not important to have good yoga photos. But it is necessary if you’re trying to grow your yoga career. Think of all the brands you’ve paid attention to. Chances are they’ve told you a story through their photos. The best part of yoga photos is that you can now get decent ones on your iPhone or if you have the budget work with a photographer.

My guest today, is my photographer, Lauren Mitchell. We chat about what it takes to get good yoga photos from your iPhone as well as what to know before working with a yoga photographer.

Lauren has done so many yoga pictures for me and she’s the reason why I feel more comfortable in front of the camera. She has some great advice for all camera shy yoga teachers out there!

Once you’ve heard this episode. You don’t hold off any longer because you’ll be excited to take pictures after listening to this episode. Just remember Lauren’s advice that it’s okay to not be good at it at the beginning. The important thing is to not give up. Soon enough, you’ll have plenty to use for your yoga business and help you get your message out there.

Great Yoga Photos Episode Highlights:

  • How photography came to Lauren’s life from being a respiratory therapist
  • The importance of pictures for a brand or a business
  • Is it possible for anyone at home with an iPhone to be able to take website-worthy pictures on their own?
  • What to do before a photo shoot at home?
  • The golden hour light for outdoor photoshoots
  • Other than an iPhone, what do you need when you shoot pictures at home?
  • Artificial light for photography
  • Editing pictures on your iPhone, is it a wise move?
  • Horizontal versus vertical pictures
  • How to do a lifestyle shoot
  • Where to look when having a photoshoot
  • Using props and clothing
  • What does it take to work with a professional photographer?
  • What to ask a photographer?
  • Where to shoot and finding a rental space
  • Indoor versus outdoor photoshoots
  • Hacks for small-budget photography
  • Advice for people who are camera shy

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Featured Guests

Lauren Mitchell

Lauren is a lifestyle photographer capturing all that you are grateful for. She believes in creating human connection through joy-filled, gratitude focused experiences– and having a lot of fun in the process!


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