Episode: 115

Bringing Clarity to the Chakras Like Never Before with Indu Arora

Chakras are a very important topic in yoga yet so much knowledge about it is oversimplified. I’ve been actually thinking about doing an episode all about it and it just so happened that one of our favorite guests, Indu Arora, posted on her Instagram something about chakras which I found very interesting. So I thought that I should ask her to come again to the show to elaborate more about it because she raised so many important things that we could definitely benefit from.

Join us as we get deep into chakras, what they really mean, their misconceptions, and whether or not one should work on their chakras. Indu provides us with new perspectives that I’m sure would deeply resonate with everyone.

In addition, Indu also has an upcoming training on chakras which I highly recommend you join. That begins on April 21st, 2023. You can find the link in the resources section of this episode’s show notes.

I’m really excited for you to listen to this episode. I hope you find great insights about chakras as much as I did.

Chakras Episode Highlights:

  • Misconceptions about chakras in modern-day yoga
  • What does the word chakra mean and its significance in yoga
  • The order of the chakras
  • Who should work on their chakras

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Featured Guests

Indu Arora

Indu Arora, Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, mentor and author, considers herself a student for lifetime. She has been sharing about Yoga philosophy, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda since 1999. She is inspired by and taught under Kriya Yoga, Himalayan Yoga, Kashmir Shivaism and Sivananda Yoga lineages. She has studied in a traditional Guru paramapara setting.


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