Episode: 74

What Is The Sukshma Sharira in Yoga with Indu Arora

We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes our body fails to keep up with its demands on a day-to-day basis. If you often find yourself lacking the energy to accomplish your tasks, you might benefit from studying the sukshma sharira in yoga. You have yet to unravel many other components in your yoga journey and sukshma sharira is a gem that is truly worth studying. 

For this episode, I have Indu Arora back to share with us her wisdom regarding the sukshma sharira. As always, she brings us deep wisdom to help us live our yoga. How do we maintain positive energy while keeping our mind and body in sync? Listen in as Indu explains the importance of sukshma sharira to modern-day yoga seekers as well as how to approach the concept, especially for those who are just hearing it for the first time. Enjoy!

Sukshma Sharira Episode Highlights:

  • What is the sukshma sharira in yoga?
  • The significance of understanding sukshma sharira to modern day yoga seekers
  • Indu explains the different layers of sukshma sharira and where to start
  • Is there a certain order to follow in learning sukshma sharira
  • Does one only recognize sukshma sharira when it’s depleted?
  • Indu’s advice on how to approach the study of sukshma sharira
  • How do we know if our sukshma sharira is depleted or thriving?
  • How to practice sukshma sharira in everyday life

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Featured Guests

Indu Arora

Indu Arora, Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, mentor and author, considers herself a student for lifetime. She has been sharing about Yoga philosophy, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda since 1999. She is inspired by and taught under Kriya Yoga, Himalayan Yoga, Kashmir Shivaism and Sivananda Yoga lineages. She has studied in a traditional Guru paramapara setting.


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