Episode: 134

Have You Heard About Bhoga?

Have you ever heard about Bhoga? The word Bhoga is a Sanskrit word that means to enjoy or to consume. And since we are heading into a celebratory season across the globe, I thought that this would be a very timely conversation for us to have.

On the show today, I want to discuss the concept of Bhoga. As yoga teachers and practitioners, we don’t really know much about Bhoga, but understanding this will actually help us understand yoga a little more in context.

I want to give you some helpful tips for using Bhoga cautiously and how to also deal with overindulging with it. I will also touch on the difference between Yoga and Bhoga, the one being about detachment and the latter about attachment.

I really hope that you will find some nuggets of wisdom from this episode and be able to apply it, especially during the holiday season!

Bhoga Episode Highlights:

  • What is Bhoga
  • Bhoga is not necessarily a bad thing
  • Four stages of life
  • Yoga versus Bhoga
  • The problems that come from overindulging in Bhoga
  • The six types of indulgences that we have to watch for
  • Dealing with Bhogas through the four Margas of yoga
  • Useful tips for holiday seasons

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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