Episode: 66

Paths of Yoga and How to Live your Yoga with Uma Subramaniam

As a yoga seeker or yoga teacher, have you thought about how the yoga practice has actually affected your daily life? Perhaps, you have been doing yoga for quite a while now. Are there instances in your routine that made you realize, “Yoga taught me this”? If you are fully immersed in your personal yoga journey, I bet you already experienced this even if you didn’t notice. This is called living your yoga off the mat. To explain it further, we have our special guest, esteemed yoga teacher, Uma Subramaniam.

Yoga is a rich practice that has lots of different nuances. It can be challenging to discern which path is the best fit for our unique personalities and lifestyle. In this episode, Uma explains the different margas of yoga and how to figure out which one to take and if it is really necessary to choose only one path. It all boils down to the most important question that every yoga seeker and yoga teacher must ask themselves every day: “How do I live my yoga off the mat?”

How to live your yoga Episode Highlights:

  • The story of how Uma started yoga
  • Uma shares her thoughts on 200-hour yoga training
  • Why are the different margas important to yoga seekers?
  • The different paths of yoga
  • How to understand which marga of yoga is suitable for you
  • Do we need to label ourselves based on the yoga path we are on?
  • Uma explains raja yoga
  • Do the different paths help us make living our yoga off the mat more simple?
  • The teacher’s role in making the students live their yoga
  • Where to start if you want to live your yoga off the mat
  • Uma shares her personal experience of living her yoga

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Featured Guests

Uma Subramaniam

Uma Subramaniam, M.Sc Yogic Sciences, MA Sanskrit (Vedanta)

Uma Subramaniam,  has been with a1000yoga Academy since  2011, has taught, evaluated over 50 Yoga Teacher Certification Courses in a period of 8 years with over 1000 graduates at the academy.

Uma is also a Ministry of Ayush Level 2 Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Alliance Registered ERYT500 Teacher.

Uma’s initiation in yoga started at home with her father as an early tween.  Slowly her interests were diverted to rigors of martial arts. Graduated with a bachelors in English Literature, worked for Indias leading newspapers in advertising.


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