Episode: 75

Is This The Most Important Yoga Class You’ll Ever Teach?

A common mistake most yoga teachers make is they put their practice & approach towards yoga the focal point of their yoga journeys. While that’s important when one teaches yoga to others. It’s crucial that we make the student the central point of our focus & efforts. Have you ever wondered what’s the most important class you’ll ever teach? Or who is your most important student? That’s exactly what we explore in today’s episode.

Many will think teaching advanced asana is important because of anatomy & safety. Some will say, teaching teachers. Or the most generic one, every student is equally important. While all these hold true. They miss the mark. At least for me.

The most important class you’ll ever teach is that in which there’s a beginner. Or better yet, a class full of beginner students. For the past decade, I have built Aham Yoga up one beginner at a time. I’ve also been doing research on why beginners get pushed out of yoga easily – something I break down for you in today’s episode.

Apart from all this, we need to consider where each of our students is in their individual journeys. Every yoga student who walks into your class is different & unique. With their own set of aspirations, dreams, goals, and assumptions about the practice. It truly becomes our responsibility to step in and help the yoga student navigate this confusing landscape of modern yoga.

In this episode, you’ll learn how you can prepare yourself for the most important class you’ll ever teach. What can you expect from beginners yoga? Knowing their state of mind and heart from the get-go will help you deal with the possible obstacles in their yoga experience.

Yoga Class Episode Highlights:

  • Why the beginner is the most important student you’ll ever teach
  • Understanding the context of what a beginner goes through in a modern-day yoga class
  • Why are beginners’ yoga series not offered?
  • Seven Characteristics that may be expected from a beginner student
    • Curiosity
    • Anxiety
    • Excitement
    • Confusion
    • Ambitiousness
    • Shyness
    • Reluctance
  • Learning objectives for beginners’ yoga
    • Start from anywhere
    • Teach them in the context of your agreement
    • Meet them where they’re at
    • Remember that teaching them a little yoga can go a long way 
    • Help them understand that everyone’s yoga looks different
    • Encourage them to return after completing the beginners’ yoga series

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