Episode: 110

Managing the Mind with Yoga with Pavel Dmitriev

Have you ever wondered why our minds are so full of thoughts and are restless? Is there actually a way that we can manage our minds? The last time I checked, I think there are more or less 60,000 thoughts we have per day, which is just mind-blowing. To shed some light on this interesting topic, I’ve invited a friend of mine whom I’ve known for almost a decade and who also happens to be a yoga teacher.

Pavel Dmitriev is an instructor with Art of Living and a VP of Data Science at Outreach in Seattle. He actively uses yoga to promote health and to help people increase productivity in the corporate world. Pavel and I met each other in a yoga class when I had just started Aham Yoga and he had come to explore.

Join us in this very interesting conversation where we’ll explore what benefits yoga could do for the mind as well as some recommended practices to help control the mind. I don’t actually look at control as a negative thing but rather as a very enhancing and helpful tool. We’ll also touch on how our breath has a big impact on the state of our mind. I really hope you enjoy this conversation with Pavel Dmitriev.

The Mind Episode Highlights:

  • What is the mind according to yoga?
  • Where in the mind is morality?
  • Managing the mind through yoga for beginners
  • Why is our mind so troubled?
  • Pranayama and the mind
  • What is the purpose of a thought?
  • Where do thoughts come from?
  • What we resist persists
  • Practices in yoga that will help manage our mind

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Featured Guests

Pavel Dmitriev

Pavel Dmitriev is an RYT-500 yoga instructor with Art of Living and a VP of Data Science at Outreach. His yoga journey started during his undergraduate days, back in Russia. He was looking for tools to deal with stage fright to help during his music performances. He found a book on yoga and it got him hooked. Yoga worked like magic – a few minutes of breathing exercises before the performance and he was good to go! This experience forever connected him to yoga and prompted him to explore the various aspects, styles, techniques and benefits yoga can bring. Having taught at companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Cisco, and IBM, he also specialize in using yoga to promote health and increase productivity in the corporate world. 


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