Episode: 73

The Reality of the Yoga Industry with Alexandria Crow

Do you still remember how you started yoga? Where did you sign up for a class? Whom did you approach? However difficult you think it was, I’m certain it was way easier than now. The yoga industry has changed so much and with the way it looks today, it seems there is no stopping it.

There are a handful of yoga variations being marketed in social media alone that a beginner wouldn’t be able to tell which one is legit and which ones aren’t. Given this scenario in the modern yoga industry, how do we, as authentic yoga seekers, “keep it real”?

For the topic of this episode, I couldn’t find a more suitable guest than Alexandria Crow as she had been in the front row of the modern yoga industry. She left the scene and decided to work for herself while continuing her passion for yoga. It takes a lot of courage to defy the profit-driven world of highly commodified yoga to pursue a path that follows its philosophical component. What are her reasons for making such a life-altering decision? Find out as you listen to today’s podcast.

Reality of the yoga industry Episode Highlights:

  • Who are the people in the yoga industry?
  • Alex talks about why she stepped out of the yoga industry and started working for herself
  • The cause of extreme commodification of yoga in the modern world
  • What are the characteristics needed to make it in the yoga industry?
  • Alex shares her thoughts on yoga platforms promising to do better
  • Does it financially pay off to be a popular yoga teacher?
  • The responsibility of popular yoga teachers in affecting change in the yoga industry
  • How do we stop encouraging the commodification of yoga?
  • Alex gives some tips on how yoga teachers can have a more enlightened perspective in living their own yoga

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Featured Guests

Alexandria Crow

Alex Crow is an internationally respected teachers’ teacher who leads trainings and workshops around the world. In her in-person continuing education workshops, online DeConstruct to ReConstruct Course, Yoga Physics mentoring program, and 300-hour teacher intensive, Alex untangles common misperceptions and limiting beliefs around yoga. Alex helps teachers better understand the history and philosophy that underpin a yoga practice, as well as the physical mechanics of the body and how to apply that knowledge to asana. All of her teaching is grounded in the idea that group classes should be accessible and sensitive to all.


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