Episode: 28

What is Zero Waste Living & How is it Yoga with Stephanie Lentz

Welcome to Episode 28 of Let’s Talk Yoga!

Exploring a unique relationship between zero waste living and yoga today. A big part of yoga is being able to live it off your mat. This extends into every aspect of our lives. Including how we interact & engage with the environment as consumers. If you’re thinking it’s a little off the topic, think again. Many ancient yogis had very little material possessions as they believed that these held them back from reaching their goal of self-realization. Even though these are very different times, the wisdom is more prevelant today than ever before with the climate crisis our planet is facing.

Today we learn about zero waste living, how it’s related to yoga, & how we can make better choices with our guest, Stephanie Lentz.

Stephanie Lentz is the owner of Scoop Marketplace. It’s a zero-waste grocery store in Seattle where customers bring their reusable containers and fill them with the quantities of products in as much as they desire or need. This eliminates the use of disposable packaging and thus, reduces the environmental impact. They have a range of offerings from food, home goods, and personal care products. The idea came to Stephanie when she became a mother, feeling the urge to care for the environment for her children. Since then, it became her mission to educate others about zero waste living.

Episode Highlights:

  • Arundhati talks about how yoga & being conscious consumers are connected
  • Stephanie explains what it means to live a zero-waste lifestyle
  • What led Stephanie to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and eventually opening up the Scoop Marketplace
  • Are Americans more wasteful than other countries and cultures in the world?
  • Stephanie’s advice for young moms who are willing but finding it really challenging to adopting the zero waste lifestyle
  • Does recycling work
  • How Stephanie views recycling and recycling services such as TerraCycle and Ridwell
  • Stephanie’s recommendations in buying stuff that’s not readily available in a zero-waste grocery store
  • Is it economical to start living low-waste?
  • Stephanie talks about her mistakes at first
  • Zero waste inspiration ideas in the kitchen
  • Making cleanup simpler
  • Swops for women’s hygiene, oral care, and kids swops

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Connect with Stephanie Lentz:

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Featured Guests

Stephanie Lentz

Stephanie Lentz grew up in the Seattle. After becoming a mom, she took a particular interest in how her family’s daily habits were impacting the planet, and after a bit of research, she realized it was time to make some drastic lifestyle changes. Stephanie created Scoop Marketplace out of a need for a grocery store that aligned with her family values. Today she inspires other people to live a more sustainable lifestyle with her store, her work that also includes educating others on how to open their own zero waste grocery store and so much more.


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