Episode: 103

Where Does Pranayama Really Begin? Answer revealed…

Where does pranayama actually begin in your yoga journey? Have you ever wondered? I’m in this season right before my annual Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training begins. Every year when this training comes around, I make it a point to spend an immersive month on the podcast talking about pranayama and bringing up different aspects of pranama practice.

I do this mainly for two reasons: to educate you about pranayama, but also for those of you who already teach asana but still want to go deeper and actually start teaching pranayama, you get to explore whether this training is a good fit for you via this medium of the podcast.

So in today’s episode, I want us to explore a specific entry point into pranayama, and we’re going to answer the question “When does pranayama actually begin?” A lot of times, we think that pranayama begins by signing up for a pranayama class or by learning for the first time as you sit and really focus on your breath and breathe in a certain way. While these have some degree of truth in them, there is actually a “direct route” to pranayama. Tune in as we uncover the real and efficient starting point of pranayama.

Remember, the Annual Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training starts on November 4th, 2022, and it’s completely online. I can’t wait for you to bring pranayama into your life in a structured way. I’m very excited to see how this translates to those who you’ve been teaching.

Where Does Pranayama Really Begin Episode Highlights:

  • The direct route to pranayama starts in asana
  • Asana practice is a training ground for pranayama
  • The difference between body attention and body awareness
  • Investing some amount of steady asana practice
  • What type of asana are we talking about?
  • Three different levels of asana practice
  • Is skipping over asana possible?
  • What is dukha nivritti?

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