Episode: 104

How Much Pranayama Do You Really Need?

How much pranayama do you really need? Is there something like too much pranayama in our practice? These are just some of the questions I’ll be getting into in today’s conversation. Many yoga teachers and students think that pranayama is a boring or dull thing that we have to do in yoga. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking most likely stems from having very little to no knowledge at all about the pranayama practice. The fact is that the opposite is true. I genuinely find pranayama deeply fascinating and widely interesting. Plus, it is so easy to learn and apply.

In our previous episodes, I gave you a deep dive into signs that you are ready to study or teach pranayama and where pranayama actually begins. Today’s episode, I want to continue our pranayama series which we will cover more thoroughly in my Annual Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training this coming November 4th, 2022.

My goal is to give you a glimpse into the vast potential of pranayama practice, what studying pranayama is really all about, and the impact that this could create for you, your practice, and your students’ lives. Regardless of whether you decide to join the training or not, I want you to stick around and listen in because you’ll definitely get so much value in this conversation.

How Much Pranayama Do You Really Need Episode Highlights:

  • The four parts of respiration
  • Understanding the different groups or types of pranayamas
    • Breath attention and awareness practices
    • Balancing pranayamas
    • Tranquilizing pranayamas
    • Vitalizing pranayamas
  • How much pranayama should you be doing?
  • Three things to consider:
    • The maturation of the practitioner in question
    • The experience and caliber of the yoga teacher itself
    • The stage of life that you are in

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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