Episode: 143

Women Yogis of India with Prasad Rangnekar

The topic of women yogis in India is often overlooked and not widely discussed due to its complexity and nuances. It involves many layers of cultural factors. Popular yoga often includes discussions about yogis, but there is a mysterious aspect to it. To shed some light on this topic, I decided to invite Prasad Rangnekar back, one of our favorite guests, to discuss the history of women practitioners, specifically yogis and yoginis in India.

I reached out to Prasad since I knew that he had extensive knowledge in this area. In fact, Prasad conducts a series of seminars titled “Women Yogis of India” to raise awareness about these women yogis in India, as this information is not readily available. Over the years, he has successfully created numerous tight-knit student communities and self-help groups across the globe. He has also been actively involved in many social initiatives.

Prasad has a really unique talent for simplifying complex topics and making them relatable. He guides us on how to navigate through this particular topic and takes us on a journey through time, from the Vedic period to the modern age of today. Although we will only be scratching the surface, I strongly believe that this is an interesting topic that is definitely worth listening to.

Women Yoginis Episode Highlights:

  • Was yoga a man’s practice?
  • The distinction between saying women yogis and yoginis
  • Defining yoga in context
  • The role of women in society and their impact
  • The link between the feminine divinity and the goddesses in India and women yogis
  • The Vedic period
  • The privacy of women in their practice of sadhana
  • Women yogis at the end of BC Period to the Common Era
  • What are yoginis?
  • Things to consider as a modern-day practitioner about the topic of yoginis

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Featured Guests

Prasad Rangnekar

Prasad Rangnekar, E-RYT500, is a Yoga Educator from India who teaches in over 15 countries for the past 26 years. Prasad’s Yoga education started at the age of 9, and over the last 36 years, he has been studying Yoga traditionally, in a lineage, as well as academically, at a university. Prasad regards meditative silence as his greatest teacher and goes into 3 month-long silence retreats every year.

Prasad is associated with the Natha Lineage, the founding lineage of Hatha Yoga, over the last 16 years and has stayed and studied with Natha Yoga Masters in India and Nepal.


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