Episode: 49

Yoga for Pelvic Girdle Pain

One problem that may come your way as a yoga teacher is having students who experience pelvic girdle pain. More often than not, we tend to diagnose them. There’s so much that we as yoga teachers don’t know about pelvic girdle pain. That’s why I have Shannon Crow, to help shed light on this subject.

The episode starts with Shannon’s personal struggle with pelvic health over 20 years. Then we get into what constitutes good pelvic health. It was a surprise when she says that pelvic health involves the bottom of the pelvic floor up to the neck. The diaphragm actually works with the pelvic floor. She listed out things to do when you or your students experience pelvic pain. She explains these very helpful tips and how they actually work on the pelvis.

Shannon also points out how to recognize pelvic pain and how to differentiate acute from persistent pelvic pain. Relating pelvic pain to yoga, she also gives some examples of the asana practice that is not helping our pelvic health. This is a very helpful piece of information for yoga teachers. If you want to know more about pelvic girdle pain and management through yoga, Shannon packs so much about it in this episode.

Pelvic Girdle Pain Episode Highlights…

  • How Shannon got her interest in pelvic health
  • What is good pelvic health?
  • The types of pain that we should be aware of
  • How to recognize pelvic pain, especially as yoga teachers
  • The questions to ask if a student complains of a hip pain
  • How to differentiate acute pain from persistent pain
  • Some Asana practices that are not good for the pelvic pain
  • The problem lies if you do the same pose over and over again
  • Things to try when you’re experiencing pelvic girdle pain
  • Working with gravity
  • Breathing out through the mouth or through the nose
  • Are Kegel exercises part of pelvic girdle health?
  • Advice for people suffering from urinary and/or fecal incontinence
  • About The Connected Yoga Teacher

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Featured Guests

Shannon Crow

Shannon Crow (she/her) is a yoga teacher, trainer and host of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast. She is passionate about helping yoga teachers to specialize so that they can stand out with their unique yoga offerings. Shannon is the founder of Pelvic Health Professionals and a Mom to her three best teachers.


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